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Teen volunteers are an important part of the camp.  Teen volunteers are assigned 2-3 campers on the first day of camp. That is why we need the teens to be available to complete the full 2 weeks of camp.

Typically each teen works with this small group of campers teaching the safety rules.  A teen can be available for one-to-one attention if requested. 

Volunteers should be entering 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grade in the fall. Community service hours are earned for participation in the program. 

An Orientation Session is held for teen volunteers on the first day for 30 minutes. Teens are required to be at Lincolnwood School at 9 am for the morning session or 12:30 pm for the afternoon group. The $5 fee to cover the cost of t-shirts will be collected on the first day.

On the form, a short essay is required explaining why teens are interested in being part of the 2023 Safety Town.

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