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847-867-4826 Office until camp starts.

A phone number for the camp will be posted on the first day.


Evanston Safety Town

c/o Emily Guthrie

1003 Dobson St.

Evanston, IL  60202-3816

Once camp has opened, calls should be directed to the camp phone.  That number will be provided on the first day of each session. The Lincolnwood School office will be closed for the summer and no one will be answering the phone there.


Driving Directions:

Lincolnwood School is located at ​2600 Colfax just south of Central Street and west of Green Bay Road. Camp meets in the kindergarten rooms at the west end of the school. There is a parking lot on Grant Street west of McDaniel that is also used by other camps at the building. Street parking is available but check for street cleaning days. The City tickets and tows.

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