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Welcome to the 44th summer of Evanston Safety Town.


This is a summer day camp program teaching basic safety rules for 4-7 year olds :

  • Crossing the street, riding a bike, swimming, fire prevention, pet safety and more.

  • Police and Fire Department representatives visit.

  • Bike safety is presented by a local store owner.

  • A trained animal therapist brings her dog.

See the "About Us" page for the curriculum for the topics covered at camp. Experience has taught us that campers will not benefit from the program if they are under the age of 4.

Teen volunteers are an important part of the program as they work with campers in small groups of 3-4 to instruct and encourage. Supervision is provided by a certified teacher who has been with the program for 5 years and a paid teen assistant.

Please mention the program to your friends and neighbors. We are happy to seat groups together.

​Emily Guthrie

Executive Director

Camper Registration at Evanston Safety Town
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