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Evanston Safety Town


 Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Insurance is in place. District 65 okayed the permit. We are on for this summer.


April 24 2023

Registration is picking up, thanks to the 5 banners we hung last week at Lincolnwood, Kingsley and Washington Schools and on the fence at Dempster and Ridge. And thanks to the families already registered who are helping us spread the word.

We need teen volunteers also.

The link below enables payment for campers of $155 by credit or debit card, including a $5 fee. You can avoid the $5 fee can be avoided by sending a check for $150 to 1003 Dobson, Evanston, IL 60202.


And because we're watching every penny, we're asking teen volunteers to pay $5 for their t-shirts also. Here's the link:

This should have been the 47th summer for the camp. We've missed it. We haven't been able to meet in 3 years and we are looking forward to the program. We've expanded the ages for camper to include 8 year olds also.


Emily Guthrie


February 15, 2023

GOOD NEWS! Insurance is paid for. And District 65 is making space for us at Lincolnwood. 

Emily Guthrie


Since we use the same dates as summer school, camp will begin on June 12 with the first session running from June 12-23; the second session will run July 10-21. We're skipping the week of the Fourth of July since it's mid-week. 

Choose from 4 sessions:  2 morning, 2 afternoon. Each session meets for 2 hours.  Because of the expense of insurance, we're reluctantly raising the fee to $150/child plus a $5 transaction fee that the bank charges.


A liimited number of scholarships are available to students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. Documentation is required.

Also because of insurance requirements, a Hold Harmless Agreement will be need to accompany campers on the first day. It will need to be signed by a parent or guardian. That form will be sent to you with the confirmation for registration.

Teen volunteers are an essential part of the program and can earn community credit hours. They will also need a Hold Harmless Agreement signed by a parent or guardian and brought with them on the first day. This year we're going to ask the teens to pay $5 to cover the cost of the t-shirts.

Use this link to pay camper registration of $155 with credit or debit card and to pay $5 for teen t-shirt.

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